105 of the Finest Finishes

Using state-of-the art equipment and processes, our skilled craftsmen specialize in creating the finest metal finishing and coatings for our high-quality faucetry products.

Below is a partial list of our finishes.

Chrome and Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Finishes

Omega Powder Coated Finishes

Living Finishes

Precious Metal Finishes

Antimicrobial Finishes

Proprietary Colors

Actual finishes will vary from these photographic representations.

Contact us for our complete list of metal finishes or for custom metal finishes.

About Our Finishes

Polished Chrome and PVD Finishes

We are proud to offer, in house, the current industry state-of-the-art technology for lifetime anti-tarnish and anti-abrasion finishes – Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD). PVD coating exhibits the highest brilliance, exceptional hardness, the greatest scratch resistance and the most superior anti-tarnish protection available in designer faucetry today.

Omega Powder Coated Finishes

Until the advent of PVD finishes, Omega powder coating provided the greatest protection against tarnish available in the industry. Still extremely hard and reliable and now with antimicrobial benefits, powder coating bonds tightly to the underlying brass providing a smooth and clear, yet tough and flexible, coating generally impervious to air and moisture for years.

Living Finishes

Living finishes may be plated with metals or have oxidizing agents applied to achieve a craftsman’s finish. Such finishes require more careful use and upkeep, but deliver the true mellow, antique appearance valued by designers and architects. The finish frequently changes with touch, may oxidize, and each faucet set is unique.

Precious Metal Finishes

The epitome of tradition and beauty, precious metal finishes represent the ultimate elegant lifestyle. Available both coated for extra tarnish resistance and durability and uncoated (Polished Gold) due to natural tarnish resistance, precious metal finishes are not recommended for extreme use installations and should always receive the utmost care and maintenance.