American Faucet and Coatings Corporation

Manufacturer of the Finest Faucets and Specialist in the Finest Metal Finishing

SIGMA faucetry products are quality built in the United States of America by American Faucet and Coatings Corporation, a world-class American manufacturer of the finest masterfully designed, precisely engineered, and expertly crafted faucetry, and specialist in the finest metal finishing.

Our 60,000 square feet factory in San Diego County, California

Distinguishing Charateristics

  • World’s finest faucetry
  • Solid brass castings and forgings
  • Electroplating, powder coating, and physical vapor deposition
  • World’s finest ceramic disc cartridge technology
  • World class machining and sheet metal work
  • Concealed, exposed, and thermostatic systems


Our mission is to design and manufacture the finest, precision crafted kitchen and bathroom faucets and fixtures that delight and provide outstanding value to our customers.

American Faucet and Coatings Corporation began in 1986 with the purpose of producing faucetry that met rigorous standards of quality. Our faucets are renowned for their high quality, distinctive design, and outstanding value. This is why our faucets are featured in the finest hotels in the world.

Charles C. Butler, Founder

Committed to Quality and Excellence

The entire American Faucet and Coatings Corporation is focused on its mission of designing and manufacturing the finest faucets and metal finishing and coatings for our clients.

Tell us your faucetry requirements, budget, and timeframe and we will fulfill it. We are committed to producing the finest faucetry products.

Charles C. Butler, Founder

Since 1986, American Faucet and Coatings Corporation has been producing faucetry that meets rigorous standards of quality. Our faucets are renowned for their high quality, distinctive design, and outstanding value. This is why our faucets are featured in the finest hotels and homes in the world.

World Class Manufacturing

Our skilled workers manufacture our products in a modern factory to meet or exceed industry standards.

  • Solid Brass Castings and Forgings
  • Electroplating, Powder Coating, Physical Vapor Deposition
  • World’s Finest Ceramic Disc Cartridge Technology
  • World Class Machining and Sheet Metal Work
  • Concealed, Exposed, and Thermostatic Systems
  • Precision-Crafted, Highest-Quality, Custom-Designed Faucetry
  • Our Brands Are World Renowned for Their Design and Quality
  • Manufacturer for the Leading Faucet Brands
  • Specialist in the Finest Metal Finishing
Our workforce of highly-skilled professionals are committed to product quality and manufacturing excellence.
Our in-house, state-of-the-art, high-capacity PVD machine

Team Leaders

Our dedicated professionals are working hard to make your project smooth and successful. Our management core is always ready to help answer your questions or guide you through the services we offer.

Charles C. Butler


Charles C. Butler started American Faucet and Coatings Corporation in 1986 for the purpose of producing faucetry that met rigorous standards of quality. He grew the company both in size and capabilities into its current 60,000-square-feet modern manufacturing facility in Vista, California.

  • Original Dupont Corian fabricator in the United States in 1972
  • Former Vice President of Dixieline Lumber. Designed and built Dixieline Lumber Classics Collection in 1985.
  • General contractor and remodeling contractor since 1970
  • Chairman of the Board of the Copley Family YMCA in San Diego and served on the San Diego YMCA’s Board of Governors
  • Served on the Board of Directors of the Associated Building Contractors as Treasurer for five years
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Susan Butler


Susan Butler started in 1992 with the founder of the SIGMA brand of faucets, Charles C Butler. In collaboration with Charles C. Butler, she has been instrumental in growing American Faucet and Coatings Corporation into a world-class kitchen and bathroom faucet design and manufacturing company whose high-quality products are featured in some of the finest hotels and residences around the world.

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Design Team

Renato Rossi

Rubinetteria Rossi Fiorenzo
European Business Partner
Designer and Consultant

Renato Rossi is a renowned Italian faucetry designer with his own international firm. He creates designs that are distinguished by their timeless elegance and simplicity. His modern and contemporary European aesthetic has created more than 10 designer series for American Faucet and Coatings Corporation and other leading faucet manufactures in the world.

Rubinetteria Rossi Fiorenzo

Via G. Verdi, 7 - Fraz. Berzonno

28076 Pogno (NO) - Italy

📞 (39) 0322 996840
Fax (39) 0322 97495

Alex Miller

Architect and Artist

Growing up in coastal California, Alex Miller recognized the beauty in nature all around him and was inspired to create his own paradise in whatever form he could. Alex designs faucets with organic designs, because he recognized that faucets are a remarkable celebration of nature and of the water cycle – a story that begins in the sea where the ocean surface forms into clouds. With this in mind he began hand sculpting his original designs for the Aurora and Sky faucet collections.

Alex Miller Studio creates original designs through an organic process of experimentation with hand made sculpture. Each design evolves in this way from one artist’s dream into a functional product that has both a unique identity and a signature style.

SIGMA Design Lab

Our in-house SIGMA Design Lab is a team of experienced designers who design new and advanced faucetry products. They derive design inspirations from industrial products, natural objects, and living organisms, repurposing design ideas and evolving them into fresh design concepts that become realized into new faucetry products. The SIGMA Design Lab also includes our best sales and marketing professionals, who are highly-experienced and have vast expertise in high-end faucetry. They provide valuable market input from our customers.

Regional Professionals Who Bring Design Ideas From Their Territories

Michael Varian

Northeast United States
Alpha Sales Company (our factory agent since 1993)

Michael Varian has broad product knowledge of the decorative plumbing and hardware industry and exceptional customer service skills. Michael entered the decorative plumbing and hardware industry in the early 1990’s. He has been involved in showroom sales, design, and management in New York and New Hampshire. Michael has been representing luxury manufacturers throughout the northeast of the United States, and has helped them refine their products and merchandising. He has an enthusiasm for decorative plumbing and hardware, and a commitment to personal and professional excellence.

Alpha Sales Company

📞 914-420-6709

Robert Perkins

Form Sales Company (our factory agent since 2012)

Robert Perkins has been working in the decorative plumbing and hardware industry since 2003. He has worked in showroom sales, luxury property project sales, outside sales as a manufacturers representative, and product design and marketing for product launches. Robert has extensive knowledge of faucetry products and providing solutions to his clients. He is also mechanically inclined, which contributes to his ability to effectively and efficiently provide solutions for the form and function of faucetry products, as well as solve technical problems in the field. Robert's combination of faucetry product knowledge, sales experience, and technical know-how makes him a valuable asset to his clients.

Form Sales LLC

📞 415-531-6022

Charles A. Davis

Idaho, Colorado, Utah, and Montana
Charles A. Davis & Associates, LLC (our factory agent since 1998)

Charles Davis is the president of Charles A. Davis & Associates, LLC, which has focused on representing the leading architectural design manufacturers for nearly sixty years. Charles graduated from Fort Lewis College Magna Cum Laude and during his freshman year was inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma, an international business honorary society. He has since served on the Board of Directors for two major manufacturing companies and have served on numerous advisory councils, helping to develop long range, successful, business plans. He has been involved with the National Decorative Representative Network for nearly thirty years and previously served as its President.

Charles A. Davis & Associates, LLC

📞 303-239-6276

Engineering Team

Don Arnold

East Coast Regional Factory Representative
Engineering Faucet Maker
Consulting Engineer and Factory-to-Factory Agent since 1986

Don Arnold has spent more than 50 years dealing with plumbing products — roles that have included engineering, marketing and training. Over that span of years, he has been responsible for the development of many successful industry products (many based on his numerous patents), managed marketing for leading manufacturer s and served as the technical editor of Supply House Times. His long-running series on product education in that magazine, “The College of Product Knowledge,” was subsequently published in book form and has served as the standard industry training resource for many years. Don has been awarded more than 30 patents, is a speaker at many industry conferences internationally, and is a member of press party covering the ISH show in Frankfurt, Germany for many years.

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Mario Semchuck

Engineering Faucet Maker
Consulting Engineer

Mario Semchuck has a passion for creativity which he expresses by designing new faucetry products. He combines form and function — aesthetics and engineering — in his faucet designs. His engineering approach is based on the foundation of a solid mechanical design that not only works properly, but works consistently well with long-term durability. The components that make a product must be producible using standard manufacturing processes, with tolerances that can be controlled and verified. The product must be easy to assemble, in either low or high volume production runs. In addition to reliable mechanical function, the factors of aesthetics, cost, ease of installation and easy serviceability are the other essentials that must be considered from the inception of any product design project.

In the mid-1980’s, Mario worked for Price Pfister as the research and development manager recommending, developing, and implementing new products.

In 1996, Mario co-founded Wave Corporation and served as the Vice President of Engineering and designed and engineered the core line of products — lead free faucets for use with filtration and reverse osmosis systems.

In the early 2000's, Mario formed Random Design LLC and worked as an engineering consultant for the following companies: Sloan Valve Company, Kohler, Kallista, Delta Faucet, Technical Concepts, Prier Products, Inter/Source Services, Watts/Premier Water Systems, American Faucet, Harden Industries, Precision Brass, and Anaheim Manufacturing.

Mario has 17 United States design and utility patents and several foreign applications.

Semchuck Design

📞 480-314-2300

Supply Chain

Debbie Hambly

Senior Materials Manager

Debbie Hambly was part of the original founders of the SIGMA Designer Faucetry in 1986. She is integral to all factory functions and operations. She is highly experienced with all manufacturing and processing activities of our business. Debbie has over 36 years of dedication and accomplishments at American Faucet and Coatings Corporation. Her knowledge and expertise makes her a trusted partner in all activities.

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Ana Tlaseca

Purchasing Agent

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Over 30 Years of Excellence

We have a track record of over 30 years of design, engineering, and manufacturing excellence of the finest faucetry and metal finishing.

American Faucet and Coatings Corporationwas founded in 1986 by Charles C. Butler for the purpose of producing faucetry that met rigorous standards of quality.

We specialize in hospitality, residential housing, and other large projects.

American Quality

Our high quality faucets and metal finishing are made in America by highly skilled craftsmen with years of training and experience.

Family Business Employing Local Residents

We are proud to provide a stable place of employment within our community and have created hundreds of jobs for residents of San Diego County, California.

Award-Winning Products

Our company's products and manufacturing process have received industry awards for excellence.


Our 60,000-square-foot headquarters in San Diego County, California includes a modern manufacturing facility, executive offices, and showroom.

Environmental Friendliness

Our manufacturing processes work in a manner that protects the environment. We are a “zero discharge” manufacturing facility — we dump nothing and everything is recycled, including:

  • All metals from our plating tanks
  • All chemicals
  • All cardboard – over one million pounds per year are no longer ending up in landfills thanks to our efforts
  • All water is processed to remove all metal and is evaporated into a sludge that can be recycled.

Charitable Contributions

For many years we have supported a variety of charitable organizations and helped raise close to $700,000 in financial aid for local charities and community service organizations.